Our Mission

Forta tripods are expertly crafted by photography experts who understand your needs as a photographer and user of their products. Forta tripods, like the word “forta” itself are synonymous with the idea’s of being strong and tough. Build tough for the lifestyle you lead. Highly compact and portable, our tripods are great for traveling, and shooting on the go. Forta Tripods and Monopods are constructed from state of the art light weight aluminium , offering photographers uncompromising and unparalleled durability, portability, and stability. Whether you’re on the streets of NYC, or in the wilds of the amazon, Forta tripods offer the features you need, without an excessive price-tag.

With 4 models to choose from such as the FM-500 Monopod, and the FT-550, FT-650, FT-750 Tripods Forta is sure to have the right dear for your needs. With professional features such as spirit levels, user-friendly quick release plate, and rugged grip handle, our tripods are perfectly suited for hobbyists as well as professionals. While maintaining a high level of integrity in the production of our goods, we have also focused on being able to bring consumers high quality photographic equipment for the lowest prices possible without sacrificing quality.